Turkish Science Education and Research Association (SERA)

The Turkish Science Education and Research Association (SERA) was formed at the 9th National Science and Mathematics Education Conference held in Izmir, in September 2010. SERA is a community of teachers, researchers, scientists, science communicators and policy makers who are committed to support science education and research. SERA is an independent organization committed to the improvement of science teaching and learning through research. SERA offers an open forum for debating issues related to science teaching [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ScienceEducationinTurkey]. It also brings recent research findings to the attention of science teachers and researchers. SERA’s aims are to make reliable research findings accessible to the people who need them, whether they are involved in policy, practice or personal decisions, and to ensure that professionals and policymakers have constantly updated access to the findings of good quality research. SERA is wishing to cooperate with other educational and scientific societies to influence science teaching and educational policies. SERA is particularly wanting to participate in collaborative projects in science education in different countries.


To become a member of the Turkish Science Education and Research Association;
* 2 photographs,
Fill out the membership application form
* Annual fee (50 TL for two years) should be put into account of association and receipt should be sent to address of Association.

You could ask all questions and concerns about membership to FEAD accountant (Research Assistant Ali Sağdıç – e-mail: [email protected])

Account Information:
Bank Name: T.C. Ziraat Bankası
Branch Name: ODTÜ-Ankara
Account Name: Fen Eğitimi ve Araştırmaları Derneği
Account No: 72069583-5001
IBAN: TR24 0001 0015 3772 0695 8350 01

Research Assistant Ali Sağdıç

Middle East Technical University
06800 Ankara
Phone: 0312 210 73 82





[email protected]